Russia's Plan to Invade and Crush NATO in a W@r Would Have K!lled Millions

Published on 11 Feb 2019 / In Film & Animation

This video shows you that Russia's Plan to Invade and Crush NATO in a W@r Would Have K!lled Millions.

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It’s questionable whether these soldiers would have been willing to conduct these suicide operations. Regardless of their commitment to communism or the W@rsaw Pact, the territory they would have been fighting to conquer would have been all but useless, its major economic and military centers destroyed.

WW2 was the most destructive w@r in human history. Consider that, a conservative estimate of WWII fatalities is 60 million people, or roughly 3 percent of the world’s population at the time.

Yet, to an even greater extent than WWI, the outcome of WWII seemed to merely plant the seeds for another great power conflict. The battlelines were drawn when the Soviet Union created an Iron Curtain stretching across most of Central and Eastern Europe, while the United States led an alliance system throughout the western half of the continent.

For the next four and a half decades, military officers in the United States and the Soviet Union would create and tinker with plans to fight a NATO-W@rsaw Pact w@r. For the United States, this meant seeking in vain to offset the Soviet Union’s numerical advantages without resorting to nukes early in a conflict.

Although successive U.S. administrations came into office vowing to reduce the role of nukes in America’s military doctrine, this proved impossible before the Reagan administration, when the revolution in precision-guided we@ponry offered Washington a way to defeat the Soviet military juggernaut.

Although the Soviet Union’s specific w@r plans, like America’s, remains classified, historians have been able to more or less ascertain how the Soviet army would have fought by using archives released by former W@rsaw Pact member states like Poland and Czechoslovakia.

These reveal that, while Stalin was alive and through the 1950s, the W@rsaw Pact maintained an almost entirely defensive posture aimed at protecting member states from a Western invasion. Likely reflecting America’s massive nuke superiority at the time, these w@r plans did not envision the use of nukes in any capacity.

It was only after Stalin died, and specifically in the 1960s, that the Soviet Union designed new w@r plans. These were decidedly offensive nature and envisioned a blitzkrieg-type assault that allowed the W@rsaw Pact to conquer most of Western Europe in a matter of days. It amazingly sought to integrate the liberal use of nukes with the W@rsaw Pact’s formidable conventional military might.

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