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15 Simple Life Hacks With a Pencil

Published on 12 Feb 2019 / In Film & Animation

This list features some super easy life hacks you can do with a pencil! While they are usually used for writing, drawing or sketching, there are many other great uses for them as well. There are many different kinds of pencils available on the market. Including the copying, drafting, wood-less, colored, and grease pencil. The checking and highlighter pencils are also popular.

Did you know that you can write with a pencil in zero gravity? Both the Russians and NASA created their own life hacks with a pencil! For many years, they used it to write in space in order to keep their records. But, this preferred writing tool presented many threats in zero gravity. The graphite and wood components had a tendency to cause fires and even explosions.

Aside from popular pencil tricks, there are so many amazing ways to use a pencil! From repairing scratch marks on a flat screen TV to polishing jewelry. Even fixing stubborn zippers! These handy little tools are worth keeping around.

Check out this video and learn about 15 easy pencil life hacks that anyone can use!

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