Bessat ☠ Unholy Trinity Part 3 - Unson ☠ Compilation ☠ 2011

Published on 05 Dec 2018 / In Film & Animation

This is the only video on youtube of the Compilation ☠ Unholy Trinity Part 3 - Unson ☠

Please if you like, support the band buying your stuff, the bands do not live downloads!

Band: Bessat
Place: Bytom, Poland
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical: Satanism, Occultism, Anti-Christianity
Formed in: 1991
Years active: 1991-present

This video is just to support the underground scene, it's part of my personal collection.

1 - Gorgoroth (Gorgoroth cover)
2 - Tormentor (Kreator cover)
3 - To Walk the Infernal Fields (Darkthrone cover)
4 - The Sign of Evil Existence (Rotting Christ cover)
5 - Spell of Destruction (Burzum cover)
6 - Czarne zastępy (Kat cover)
7 - IX (Bulldozer cover)
8 - Sacrificial Suicide (Deicide cover)
Total: 33:46

Notes: Co-released with Warheart Records.

Part three "Unson" contains cover songs (published on special editions of Besatt releases or unpublished).

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