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Ethiopian Origin Of The Tamils Or Dravidian  Indians,

Published on 12 Feb 2019 / In Film & Animation

A race, when stripped of too many academic decorations and niceties is identifiable by one essential Factor:  skin colour. Due to this sagacity we easily distinguish the ‘Black race’, ‘White race’ or ‘Yellow race’.

So what race are the Dravidians?

Subsequently, it is obvious that the so called Mediterranean race in origin is “Negroid Race” ,
Black SKIN! And additional characteristics which are precisely those of the black people in general: an elongated skull, dark or brown skin, Read Alexander Moret’s description of the ancient Mediterraneans.
To supplement this definition the ancient Greeks did not label as white the inhabitants of North-West Africa, that is to say, of the present Magreb_Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia -- since they called them Mauroi or ‘Moors’, meaning people of  ‘ a dark skin’. Herodotosu writes about the Colchidians, North East African people as ‘Black as Egyptian.
Ancient Africa is the source of Indigenous peoples of India, the Dravidians. They spread into Ceylon or Sri Lanka. Ancient Ethiopian Priests who still speak a language called Geeze have been around nearly 4000 years. Africa, Ethiopian once ruled all of India, before the advent of Indo-Euro Aryans.  The Ethiopians brought language, religion, customs and culture into these lands. with them.  The Brahmins or the Priests of the Aryans were taught and learned their Ancient language of Sanskrit from these Black Ethiopians.   Buddhism and "Sanskrit" came from the language of the Blacks People. The parent tongue spoken by the Ethiopian Priests today… The war of liberation of the Tamil Tigers”(LTTE) which was ignored by almost all Africans save only Eritrea was a Race war of survival for the descendants of the original  Tamils who came from “Africa”

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