Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Mask - Savin Me

Published on 10 Feb 2019 / In Film & Animation

Im a huge Sailor Moon fan, and I made a tribute for my favorite superhero Tuxedo Mask. For all the times he's saved the scouts and gets no credit/respect for it. Set to Nickelback's Savin Me. Enjoy. <br /><br />PS. Since everyone keeps asking, heres a list of episodes featured in the video. <br /><br />Episode 1, A Moon Star is Born <br />Episode 62, Prediction of Doom <br />Episode 11, Match Point for Sailor Moon <br />Episode 24, An Artful Attack <br />Episode 22, The Power of Friendship <br />Episode 16, Who is that Masked Man? <br />Episode 61, Naughty N' Nice

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