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Stand Up Comedy Jokes that ANGERED Audiences

Published on 27 Jun 2018 / In Comedy

This is a compilation of jokes that offended millions and set social media ablaze. This list is NOT my own opinion. It's a list of the most controversial jokes by these comedians. People should realize that comedy is complex and falls into multiple genres with various forms of delivery. A comedy routine is just a performance, For example, Bill Hicks was using deadpan humor to highlight the hypocrisy in people who are disgusted by 2 gay men but are turned on by 2 gay women. And Burr was just telling from his own perspective. We should all learn to have a laugh and not take comedians too seriously.

Even though there is a necessity for comedians to be malicious and insulting, as fans of stand-up comedy, we don’t want anything ruining this art form. The never-ending war on political correctness has been growing these past few years. For every person on Twitter who is quick to label a relatively harmless joke as problematic, there is another person who is equally as defensive claiming, “no one can take a joke anymore!"

Featured comedians:
Ricky Gervais
Louis CK
Joan Rivers
Jim Jefferies
Bill Burr
Eddie Murphy
Jerry Seinfeld
Robin Williams
Bill Hicks
Dane Cook

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